mercoledì 1 agosto 2007

2011 or 2012?


More and more of your entities are investing time, talent and treasure in finding different responses to the surrounding darkness based not upon the darkness itself but upon the light that comes from within the darkness and which the darkness cannot extinguish. Entities focus upon that first candle of light. And that tiny illumination illumines more. And then that illumines more. And a process of lightening the consciousness of yourself begins.
The time is coming and indeed is nigh at hand when something you might call a tipping point is imminent. And indeed it stands before you at this time. What is that tipping point? That tipping point is a straw vote, shall we say, an informal poll, if you will, of the tribes of humankind, to see if the majority of entities want to separate themselves forever from any path except violence or if they want to progress into fourth density and beyond.
There are entities from fifth density on the service-to-self path that are attempting a coup, shall we say, of this train of humankind running along this parallel time track. They would like it not to rejoin the main track. The guardians of this planet and those light givers within your planetary forces, both seen and unseen, have all moved heaven and Earth, literally, to create a slowing of the forces of time so that every possible instant may be given to the development of planet Earth’s human population to the point where the vote of the straw poll is for service to others and not for service to self; for radiance, peace and harmony rather than contraction, war and hostility as a background to the everyday life.
We are very hopeful. If that last moment were this very day, the straw poll indicates that your planet will rejoin the typical, normal progression of space/time. What the negative entities would like to do is to have that tipping point go the other way and to have people say, “No, no, it’s important to war because we want to gain resources, because we want to defend our family,” and because of the whole laundry list of those things that the great apes are instinctually bound to consider priorities.
At that level, there is almost no time/space or space/time wherein a third-density entity may make that primal choice for service to others on third-density planet Earth. Your density has now become fourth density. It has not waited until this year or even several years before this but has been vibrating in fourth density to the exclusion of creating more third-density light.
Therefore, those third-density entities who now walk the planet are more and more sensitive because they do not have the support of third-density light which hides most of the truth. Rather they have fourth-density light interpenetrating their third-density understanding of their world, creating an environment where it seems and indeed is happening that wave after wave of truth and light and understanding is washing over this planet.
The fourth density is the density of love. But it is also called the density of understanding. What is happening to entities now is that that which is in their thoughts and in their unexamined assumptions is being mirrored out to them in everyday life for them to see clearly. They no longer have so much of a cushion of easy untruth because if they are awakening spiritually there are forces within them that have determined and intended to challenge those unspoken assumptions which are not serving the greater good.
So, insofar as you as a third-density entity are unawakened, you will simply find life getting harder. It seems that more extremes are taking place. You are not feeling as well. You lose more jobs. Whatever it is that you are working on [in] this life, there become problems with it that seem harder than they used to be. This is because you are not protected from your truth as you once were.
Now, entities who are awakened are experiencing the identical situation, are experiencing an increase in suffering and are experiencing more difficult times. However, what they have on their side is that they have set their intention to serve others and to know the truth in order to serve others. This creates a fourth-density support system that is powerful indeed and can take the place of the previous comforts of the unawakened.
However, when you become awakened and set your intention to be an ethical being that is worthy of fourth density, you also ask of yourself that you begin to live the life that reflects those fourth-density values that are implicit and explicit when you think about service to others.
The principles involved in service to others are implicit in all that is done in that when you meet the moment, you are meeting it as one who serves. That is a general standpoint and that basic viewpoint brings to you a wider point of view which is based upon the guidance that you are receiving which is activated by your desire to serve. When you ask for the truth, the truth is there before you. Ask and you truly shall receive.
And then you are responsible for your actions in a way which was inconceivable when you did not know and had no knowledge of how the spiritual forces of evolution work. That of which you are ignorant, you cannot be held responsible. When you become aware of the spiritual principles involved in natural evolution, then you become also responsible for acting upon that knowledge.
This is not an easy time because of these factors. As the song before this meditation says, entities may often be standing knee-deep in the river of love and light and dying of thirst [2] because they do not know how to scoop that life-giving liquid up into their bodies, their minds, and their spirits. How do you crack up an earthly life and let the sun shine in?
Fortunately, my friends, it is not a matter of cracking open your life to let the sun shine in. It is a matter of cracking open your personality to become aware of the sun that is already shining, in an infinite supply, into your heart, your mind, and your consciousness, into every fiber and cell of your being, both physically and non-physically.
To sum up this third level, we would say that to the best of our knowledge—which is not without error but is only opinion—the timetable of your planet is a set one. The planet itself, minus the time lateral, will completely shift into fourth density at the winter solstice of 2011.

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