martedì 19 settembre 2006

The Initiatic Schools

The whole of the knowledge that leads towards the real and complete inner Self-Realization of the Being is handed down by the initiatic schools.

An initiatic school is a structure capable to give a complex and concrete system of theoretical and practical teachings to everybody who desires to evolve towards the complete Awareness of itself and of the reality. Initiatic schools work through special methods and contents that we can resume as the following:

1) Adherence to a doctrinal body:
Just like any school, initiatic schools offer a teaching. This teaching is related to a precise doctrinal body which is related to one tradition. Since there are different doctrinal bodies there are also different types of initiatic schools. If, from a certain point of you, the existence of different teachings may look like a division or a sort of fracture between those are pursuing the same aim of the self-realization, on the other hand it is fear to allow everybody to follow its own particular way. The same Centre is reachable by starting from different points and following different directions.

2) Respect for the Free Will:
All the authentic initiatic schools are always respectful of the free will and of all the choices of life. They always provide teachings and tools so that everybody can manage with increasing awareness its own freedom. Therefore it promotes the discussion, the critical judgment and the thought. The teaching of an initiatic school, even though it is precisely oriented, doesn’t restrict the conscience with “indoctrination”: at the opposite, it enlarges the conscience through the comparison and the direct experimentation. For this reasons when you are part of an initiatic school you are not attending a “course” but rather a “pathway”.

3) Any authentic initiatic school is free and costless.