mercoledì 30 novembre 2005

The Wall Street crash

"...I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organised... The moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth..."

Jiddu Krishnamurti
1929, the speech at Omen

Friendship Island: did you know that...

The south of Chile is surrounded by mysteries and myths. One of them is about an island that is supposedly inhabited by extraterrestrials or people that unlike ordinary human beings, posses a vast amount of knowledge in the fields of science, aeronautics, physics, mathematics, and medicine. The name of the island is "Friendship" and it is located in an island complex called Kent.

According to the legend, it is very hard to find. Some of the villagers that live nearby call the people form Friendship Island "angels", because according to descriptions, they are tall, blond-haired, they have blue eyes, and they dress up with strange-looking clothes. Some claim that they speak using a "spiritual tone". Furthermore, there are some that will actually offer the villagers to be taken to the mystery island to "get to know it", and at the same time, to get cured from illnesses that ordinary medicine cannot cure.

According to people that claim to have had contact with these strange characters, they were taken to the island by boats that they call "Mitylus". Many locals in the southern port of Montt have actually seen the boats, as they depart with the ill onboard to be taken to the island and receive their miraculous treatment. Some have claimed that the "Friendship People" actually may have up to seven "bases" around the world that may include: the south of Chile, Europe, Central America, the Bermuda Triangle, the United States, Africa and East Asia, which would also be intended for the purpose of "curing people".

The stories of the people who supposedly have visited "Friendship" to be healed, began in the Eighties, when Octavio Ortiz in 1984, accidently listened to an emergency radio transmission from a boat from the Oceanography Department of the University of Chile. The ship apparently tried to communicate with the port authorities of Iquique because a mysterious light appeared in front of the vessel. The strange object began to descend onto the boat and radiated a great amount of light, which allegedly caused hair-loss to some sailors. Octavio later found out from an engineer named Ernesto de la Fuente, who apparently knew "white men" that claimed to belong to a congregation called Friendship. The commotion of the sighting that happened in 1984 resonated so much that the director of the Civil Aeronautical Department, Sergio Pinero, ordered an investigation. According to the official report, the radar observed an unidentified object located at about 20 NM west of the radio beacon of Tabon. The report of the Department of Aeronautics concluded that "the events of that day continue to remain unexplained".

But what are these "Friendship" people looking for? "The inhabitants of this mysterious island choose carefully who to contact after a trial period of visits to the island", this according to Hugo Pacheco, veteran investigator of the subject. According to the investigative group AION, whose president is Rodrigo Fuenzalida, the island is not being inhabited by beings of other planets, but rather by people that began an experimental project that dates back before World War II. Their report assures that a document from the intelligence services in Chile, cites government information mentioning the presence of the mysterious inhabitants of the island. The report also mentions that the arrival of this "religious community" to this country took place twenty years ago and it began in the desert of the Third Region, but due to the lack of water, the project was transferred to the south of Chile, creating one of the biggest and most controversial mysteries of recent years.

sabato 26 novembre 2005

Spiritual unfoldment

Soul is an individual inner experience.
In itself it cannot be experienced in rituals or ceremonies, nor bottled in creeds or in methods.
Also in your activity and practical research, free from religion and dogma, don't confuse the ordinary science of life and even the extraordinary art of magic with the pure mystic of the Awareness. Nevertheless, we are here to unify them.

martedì 22 novembre 2005

The power of Meditation

Many people asked me what is the relationship between a spiritual path and the healing process and in which way we can consider meditation as a therapy.

During these times of illusion and lack of knowledge of the human being’s essence, the human conscience is separated from the universal conscience, therefore, as oppose to this last one, it is subject to restrictions and experiences of duality (death and life, joy and sadness, sickness and health, etc...) and is constantly separated from the Whole, from joy and from harmony.
Since that there is no harmony between subjective and objective, between material and spiritual, between the outside and inside world, all the beings live in an eternal conflict, and from this derive tribulations, sufferings, and diseases.
It is therefore necessary to “free” the human conscience, and get rid of that veil which hides the reality; however, in order to do that we have to train our conscience and this is obtained through studying, self-discipline, and techniques of meditation. Engaging in yoga exercises, meditation, and esoteric gymnastic, leads to a complete slow down of physical and psychic tensions, it brings more equilibrium to our energies, it gives us the opportunity to see inside ourselves in order to contact those invisible forces which regulate the manifestation of the whole universe and which are the key to every single thing.
Through these forces it is possible to manage the flux of the vital energy, vibrant and real, towards any part of our body, and therefore re-establish the equilibrium, the harmony and the health condition.

lunedì 21 novembre 2005

The Age of Aquarius: dawn or sunset?

“Humanity today faces two possibilities: collective suicide or the biggest spiritual awakening that the world has ever known.” This was the way OSHO - one of the greatest masters of the modern world – spoke, following the thoughts of those philosophers and scientists of the past, which just like him, observed the dawn of the third millennium.

Today we realize the daily slow agony that humanity inflicts on itself and how what could have been the “great awakening” is actually becoming a new anesthetic, this time with the brand of the “new age”.

Even most of the people who, animated by their own expectations of the Age of Aquarius, have created new spiritual currents or social experimentations got stuck in the sterile dialectic of the politics or of the usual market economy.

What is left besides the religious and lay fanaticism, and besides the indifferent consumers, which are used and addicted? What remains besides the illusion, after that another potentially authentic spiritual feeling has been betrayed, led astray, and exploited?

However, there are still people who do not want to stop believing, having faith and insisting.

With Will and Love.