venerdì 30 maggio 2008

Riscriviamo tutti i libri !!! (Era ora!)

Dal Corriere della Sera del 30 Maggio 2008:

Bolivia: scoperta impronta umana che potrebbe risalire a 15 milioni di anni fa.
Se la sua veridicità fosse confermata andrebbe riscritta la storia dell'evoluzione umana.
(Finora i piu' antichi resti di ominidi trovati in Africa risalgono a 4 milioni di anni fa.

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martedì 6 maggio 2008

Inner Paths To Outer Space

For thousands of years, voyagers of inner space--spiritual seekers, shamans, and psychoactive drug users--have returned from their inner imaginal travels reporting encounters with alien intelligences. Inner Paths to Outer Space presents an innovative examination of how we can reach these other dimensions of existence and contact otherworldly beings. Based on their more than 60 combined years of research into the function of the brain, the authors reveal how psychoactive substances such as DMT allow the brain to bypass our five basic senses to unlock a multidimensional realm of existence where otherworldly communication occurs. They contend that our centuries-old search for alien life-forms has been misdirected and that the alien worlds reflected in visionary science fiction actually mirror the inner space world of our minds. The authors show that these “alien” worlds encountered through altered states of human awareness, either through the use of psychedelics or other methods, possess a sense of reality as great as, or greater than, those of the ordinary awareness perceived by our five senses.