domenica 25 novembre 2007

The way of the TAO

Regarding our divine vampires and subtle monsters, if you want to fight them, then you'll nourish them. No way.
Let's have a look at the way of the TAO, relax and be focused on where you are going...

Here a brilliant solution coming from Aleister Crowley, through his novel "Moonchild" (1917), Chapter no. V, where Simon Iff deals with one of these spiritual larvae:

"He walked right into the Thing. Suddenly, as it enveloped him, Lisa saw that a faint light was issuing from his body, a pale phosphorescence which kindled warmly as he went. She saw the edges of the Thing contract, as if they were sucked inwards. This proceeded, and the light became intense. About a burning ovoid core dawned and vibrated the flashing colours of the rainbow. The Thing disappeared completely; at the same moment the light went out. Simon Iff was once again merely an old gentleman taking an evening stroll."

Have a look at the whole Chapter, it's amazing...

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