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Again about parallel time-directions

From the website:

Phantom Earth
Last update:
October 06, 2006

During the 2012-2017 transition, the particles of Earth that are unable to fully shift into the faster pulsation rate, those that can not reach an accretion level of 3.5, will create a Phantom Earth that will return to the D-3 time cycle. (2.5 accretion level)
The Phantom Earth will no longer remain attached to the morphogenetic field (MF) of Earth and Tara. (See: Fall)
This condition is referred as a planet being "cut out of the grid".
The planet is no longer attached to the evolutionary imprint contained within its morphogenetic field.
(See: Phantom, Phantom Matrix, Inner Earth)
A Phantom Planet is no longer capable of evolving out of the Harmonic Time Cycle in which it is placed, it is no longer considered an Ascension Planet, it is called a Descending Planet.
Such a planet will continue to evolve within its Harmonic Universe time cycles, slowly expending the energies held within its core, until its particle pulsation rhythms slow, its temperature cool and eventually implodes to become a black hole.
It can take billions of years for Descending Planet to meet this destination, this does not occur quickly, and life can continue to evolve upon its surface for many years.
The phantom version of Earth will be cut off form the interdimensional Time Matrix
(Voyager II – Page 166)
If the core energy centers of your bodies are not raised to sufficient pulsation rhythm to receive the stellar frequencies which will be transmitting through Earth's grid during Earth's Stellar Activations, you will be unable to accompany Earth in the Stellar Activation process.
In this case, Earth will make the shift into the Bridge Zone time continuum, but you will not; you will find yourselves stationed upon the "Phantom Earth" Descending Planet.
In Phantom Earth you will be cut off form your Soul Matrix and evolutionary blueprint and in need of a Host Soul Matrix Transplant in order to continue evolution.
This condition can be avoided through a conscious participation in the Stellar Activation process.
(Voyager II – Page 473)

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